Fun Friday: Make giant bubbles with dish soap 

Fun Friday: Make giant bubbles with dish soap 

These days, a good portion of our time is at home. What better way to spice things up than with giant bubbles that you can make yourself. 

Blowing bubbles through a wand is exciting, so consider the joy on your daughter’s face when your entire backyard is floating with giant bubbles. 

Wondering how to make giant bubbles with dish soap? Follow these simple steps and make sparkly, big bubbles with your little ones: 

Ingredients Needed for the Giant Bubbles Recipe 

6 cups of water (either tap or distilled, but distilled water would be better) 
½ cup of dish soap 
1 tbsp of glycerin 
1 tbsp of baking powder 
½ cup of corn starch 


Step#1 : Mix Water and Corn Starch Properly 

Pour the cornstarch into the water and stir it well until it dissolves. 

Step#2 Add the Remaining Ingredients and Stir Away! 

Pour the rest of the ingredients into the water-cornstarch solution, and mix it well. Try to stir it as gently as possible without making a lot of bubbles. 


Step#3 Let It Rest 

After mixing, let the solution rest for at least an hour before using it. However, it would be best to let the bubble solution sit overnight for the most favorable results. 

 Now, let's make a wand for your giant bubbles with your solution. 


Items Needed for Giant Bubbles Wand 

Two sticks 
A metal washer 
A 51 inches long cotton string 


The Process 

Tie the string to the end of the first stick. Thread the cotton string through the metal washer and tie it to the second stick at around 34 inches. Form a V shape with the metal washer hanging in-between the cotton string. Tie the remaining 16-17 inches of the string with the end of the first stick that leaves you with a perfect triangle. 


The Moment of Truth 

Dip the giant bubbles wand that you have crafted in the bubble solution. Pull the string out of the solution. Move the sticks away from each other slowly until a triangle forms perfectly. You will notice the bubble film in the center. 

Now move backward or move the wand in a backward style to create huge bubbles, and there you go, a spectacle for the eyes!

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