5 Tips to help Encourage your Child's Imagination

How to encourage a bright Imagination 

Making funny faces is an example of illustrating creative expression in the same way that having an imagination lets you envision possibilities beyond your wildest dreams. Pursuing creative activities allows your daughter to explore…

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3 Tips to Encourage your Child's Creativity

Encourage Creativity: Write, Draw, Karaoke or Rap 

Everyone has a depth of creativity that can be tapped. Encouraging a creative process for your daughter is a way to bring it out. Especially when they’re young, parents can help them express…

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DIY DAY: Make A Fun Face Mask (Art Project For Kids' COVID Mask)

Covid-19 continues to parade through our communities. The pandemic has also left children unsettled and uncomfortable in public spaces. 

Many schools have reopened to tackle Covid-19 with strict measures, while others continue to operate mainly through the online platform. 


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Positive self-love affirmations for growing girls

Learning to love yourself can be a very tough thing to do — many people are their own biggest critics for no reason at all. Loving yourself can be incredibly hard when you are growing up, too: You’re learning all…

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