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Fun Friday: Make giant bubbles with dish soap  

Fun Friday: Make giant bubbles with dish soap 

These days, a good portion of our time is at home. What better way to spice things up than with giant bubbles that you can make yourself. 

Blowing bubbles through a wand is exciting, so consider the joy on your daughter’s face when your entire backyard is floating with giant bubbles. 

Wondering how to make giant bubbles with dish soap? Follow these simple steps and make sparkly, big bubbles with your little ones: 

Ingredients Needed for the Giant Bubbles Recipe 

6 cups of water (either tap or distilled, but distilled water would be better) 
½ cup of dish soap 
1 tbsp of glycerin 
1 tbsp of baking powder 
½ cup of corn starch 


Step#1 : Mix Water and Corn Starch Properly 

Pour the cornstarch into the water and stir it well until it dissolves. 

Step#2 Add the Remaining Ingredients and Stir Away! 

Pour the rest of the ingredients into the water-cornstarch solution, and mix it well. Try to stir it as gently as possible without making a lot of bubbles. 


Step#3 Let It Rest 

After mixing, let the solution rest for at least an hour before using it. However, it would be best to let the bubble solution sit overnight for the most favorable results. 

 Now, let's make a wand for your giant bubbles with your solution. 


Items Needed for Giant Bubbles Wand 

Two sticks 
A metal washer 
A 51 inches long cotton string 


The Process 

Tie the string to the end of the first stick. Thread the cotton string through the metal washer and tie it to the second stick at around 34 inches. Form a V shape with the metal washer hanging in-between the cotton string. Tie the remaining 16-17 inches of the string with the end of the first stick that leaves you with a perfect triangle. 


The Moment of Truth 

Dip the giant bubbles wand that you have crafted in the bubble solution. Pull the string out of the solution. Move the sticks away from each other slowly until a triangle forms perfectly. You will notice the bubble film in the center. 

Now move backward or move the wand in a backward style to create huge bubbles, and there you go, a spectacle for the eyes!

Motivation Monday 

Monday Motivation: Tips on how to avoid burnout from tedious tasks 

Keeping your daughter from burning out is critical. Amid the pandemic, burnout is happening more often. With that in mind, here you have a few key tips on how to focus on burnout prevention. 

Enforce a few daily routines 

Daily routines are great for children. Establishing a daily routine gives a sense of purpose and lessens stress. This way, your daughter can stay on track and avoid any possible problems that might arise. 

Shorten work sessions 

Short work sessions can prevent burnout. Enforce breaks and show your daughter the importance of taking breaks. 

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" 

The quote by Norman Vincent Peale embodies what it means to think positively. Explain to your child that it is A-OK if they do not reach their goals initially. If she's unsuccessful the first time around, take a break, then try, try again! 

Remove distractions 

Distractions are unhealthy since they prolong the amount of work your daughter needs to do. Distractions lead to burnout, so removing them is very important. It helps you get the job done faster, and in the end, this leads to much better results and an incredible experience. 

Downtime is necessary 

Teach your child that downtime is a priority. Spending time with her, going to a park, and walking the dog are activities that can help eliminate the pressure. It works great, and the experience can be an amazing one. 


Kids can also deal with burnout, which is why every parent needs to find ways to ease the pressure. Manage their time appropriately to see positive results. You will soon realize that your daughter can avoid burnout with these tips.

Our First Mommie & Me Event was a Huge Success! 

Mommie & Me Event 2022 

On Saturday, May 7th from 1 pm-3pm we decided to celebrate Moms here in Atlanta with our Mommy & Me Day Event! Families go to enjoy an afternoon of fun with Mommy & Me that included: Arts and Crafts, Photo Opportunities, Sweet Treats, a Live Dj, a Meet N Greet with Zuri Nicole, a Mother’s Day Poem by Mischa Kai and giveaways for a for attendees. Participants were able to enter in a raffle and some WON a Matching PANDORA Bracelet compliments of DiorJewelers-PANDORA! This event was very exciting! 


Check out our Event Recap Video below:


We also have to celeb kids {Zuri Nicole & Mischa Kai} host a fun meet and greet with the kids:

Zuri Nicole

Zuri Nicole is an 11 year old, Atlanta born rapper, actor, entertainer and influencer. Most recently Zuri released her affirmation coloring book, entitled “B is for Beautiful and Brown”. For more information visit: www.zurinicole.com. Follow her on Instagram @thezurinciole #zurinicole [ Subscribe on Youtube }


Mischa Kai

Mischa Kai Jones, aka Mischa Kai, is a Music recording artist, Dancer, and actress from Chicago, Illinois. Most recently Mischa has released her singe "No Worries" on all platforms now. For more visit: www.mischakai.com, and follow her on instagram @mischa_kaij. #mischakai [ Subscribe on Youtube ]


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Spring Haiku: Have your kids write a small poem about their love for spring

Writing a poem is an excellent way to express yourself. Have you heard that you could write one in just three lines? 

Yes, this is a Japanese method of penning poems, and it is known as haiku or haikus. In these three-lined poems, you can write about different topics. 

Let's explore the ways to write a haiku poem.


What to Write 

What to write is up to you. But, if you are writing a traditional haiku, it has to be about nature. You can focus on your favorite season or animal. Looking out of your window can also draw inspiration such as a nearby garden, there could be snowfall or rainfall. You can select a topic that you like and get started. 

How to Write a Haiku 

When you are writing a haiku, you have to look into two things: One is the subject matter or the topic. Secondly, you have to consider the number of syllables in each line. A syllable is a part of the word or, in simple terms, the different sounds in a word. 

One of the ways to find out the number of syllables is to count them in your hand while you are saying things out loud. For example, the word dog has only one syllable in it. When it comes to water (wa-ter), it is two, and for banana (ba-na-na), it has three syllables. 

In total, there have to be seventeen syllables in a haiku poem. 

In the first line, it is five syllables. For the second one, it has to be seven. 

When it comes to the last one, it has to be five syllables. After creating an awareness of the syllables, it is time for you to take your paper and pencil to start writing. After you select a topic, it is time to be creative. Here are a few tips that can help you while writing a haiku. 

  1. Always write a haiku poem in the present tense. It is because you aim to capture what happens at a particular moment. 
  2. Since haiku poems have to be simple, you don't have to use any rhyming words.
  3. When you are finishing your haiku poem, try to bring in an element of surprise. 

Besides that, when you are writing a haiku poem, there have to be two parts.

Here is an example of a haiku poem written by a Japanese poet, Matsuo Basko. 

An old pond! 

A frog jumps in- 

The sound of water. 

This short poem has two parts. The first part is it begins with a visual image, which is an old pond. Depending on the topic you select, you can start with a visual effect. For instance, you have decided to write about an apple tree in your garden. You can describe it in the first line. 

The second line of a haiku poem shows a shift or a moment. Here, the poet talks about a frog that is jumping into something. In your first haiku poem, which could deal with an apple tree, you can write about an apple falling from the tree or something similar. 

Finally, in the last line, you have to bring in an element of surprise. In this poem, you can understand that the frog is jumping into the water. In your poem, you can bring in a similar image related to the apple that is falling. 

By following these steps, you can craft a haiku poem with ease. So, write about your favorite topic and share it with your loved ones today.




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Why You Should Visit Tutu Maniacs Today  

Why You Should Visit Tutu Maniacs Today 

A trip to Tutu Maniacs is the ideal way to spend the day with your daughter. Our premier boutique offers the latest fashions for young girls. We have a range of activities that are age-appropriate and relaxing for both parents and children. Here are the reasons why you should visit us with your daughter. 

The Best Fashion and The Best High-Quality Services 

We are a fashion-forward boutique. We give young girls the chance to dress up and buy incredible accessories and bows for an affordable price. Our tutus come in several different styles. For instance, your daughter can get runway-style, birthday, and other customizable tutus. Our selection is great if your daughter is into ballet or likes to dress up in beautiful tutus. 

In addition to clothes, Tutu Maniacs also offers a day spa option. You can relax and get your nails and toes done, along with other spa activities. There are also plenty of other fun things for young girls to do at this location. So, this boutique is not only a shopping spot but is a great place to relax and have fun. 

In short, you will find the best custom tutus in the Atlanta area here with all the best sparkly accessories and hair bows. You can even plan your child’s next birthday party with us! 

Perfect For Birthday Parties and Day Trips 

We are known for our birthday parties. If you want to take the stress out of party planning, book a party with us. Your daughter can invite all of her friends to have a spa day. They can try on clothes, learn how to make lip gloss, and even build their own custom stuffed animals. 

You can learn more about us and our services at tutumaniacs.com.

5 Tips on How to Dress Your Daughter Like a Fashionista 

Women do not compromise on how to dress. The same goes for little girls: they love to dress up, too. So, you should know how to make them happy. In this blog, we're offering tips on how to dress your daughter like a fashionista....


Go for Growth 

When you buy jeans and tops for your daughter, take our advice and go for bigger sizes in slim cuts. Tank tops may look like sundresses for now and tops later. If you purchase them in bigger sizes, wear them cuffed. Prepare for the sudden growth spurt, so dress her in clothing that is a size up. 

Look Good with Accessories 

The trendiest little girl knows how to accessorize. However, additional help from mom in selecting the right wholesale apparel, clothing, and accessories to wear will also make them happy. Feel free to dress your daughter in hats, watches, bangles, rings, bracelets, or other beautiful accessories. 

Dress for Weather 

Wear clothes for the right season. They need to wear a sweater, jacket with long boots when it is winter season. Also, allow your kids to wear clothes with light fabrics during the sunny season. 

Let Them Play in Makeup for Fun 

Little girls love to spend their energy playing in makeup, so play along with them and experience the fun together. 

Mix & Match Is the Key 

Try the trick of mixing and matching. A tank top with ripped jeans is always a perfect dress to wear. Select in-trend colors like pink, neon, and big prints. When you go shopping for your daughter, you can choose a dress that can be worn in various ways or paired with other things. 

Visit us at tutumaniacs.com for more styling ideas.

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5 Tips to help Encourage your Child's Imagination 

How to encourage a bright Imagination 

Making funny faces is an example of illustrating creative expression in the same way that having an imagination lets you envision possibilities beyond your wildest dreams. Pursuing creative activities allows your daughter to explore, discover and imagine while encouraging hope for a bright future. In addition to activities, you can encourage communication through imagination. We’ve provided a few tips to show you how. 

Incorporate art into activities 

Allow them to draw or write what they’re thinking. Keep it fun and light, and use art as an opportunity to learn about each other while enjoying time spent with your daughter. 

Play pretend 

Help your child engage in pretend play. Playing pretend allows your daughter to experience other people’s perspectives. This activity will help them to see and feel through the character they are portraying at the moment and take in information from the outside world. This exercise could help them strengthen their listening skills and consider others’ ideas. 

Purchase toys that encourage imaginative play 

Sometimes toys are used as props that help them visualize their scene, so toys can be another way to nurture and encourage creativity. 

Read books together 

Books are an excellent tool to stimulate the imagination. Reading books unlocks a creative mind and motivates work at school. Reading books also teaches the art of creative writing - to write original stories, songs or lyrics, and share them with others. 

Here is another way to boost that imaginative spark: 

Incorporate light 

Did you know? Light fosters creativity. Use bright, bold colors for play and inspiration. 

Children need creativity and imagination for them to grow. Our tips could be familiar activities that you, too, recognize growing up. Continue to teach and encourage your daughter to incorporate activities that foster light-hearted fun. By doing so, you could ignite a passion that they didn’t know existed. So, get ready to watch their eyes light up from the images, ideas, and experiences that you help them create.


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3 Tips to Encourage your Child's Creativity 

Encourage Creativity: Write, Draw, Karaoke or Rap 

Everyone has a depth of creativity that can be tapped. Encouraging a creative process for your daughter is a way to bring it out. Especially when they’re young, parents can help them express their creativity and personal interests differently. Our list of activities doesn’t take considerable time to coordinate and can happen individually, or create an audience and have a party to foster powerful group experiences. You just might have a budding actor, musician, artist, or writer among you. When they’re looking to play, creative expression is the way to open your child’s imagination! 

Creative expression 

  • Arts and crafts 
  • Sketch (draw a family portrait, for example) 
  • Sculpt 
  • Draw 
  • Paint 
  • Color 
  • Cook/Bake 
  • Decorate 
  • Sew 
  • Write/compose 
  • Play an instrument 
  • Sing 
  • Tell jokes 
  • Dance 
  • Act 

Allow your daughter to develop their creative habits. Then, allow them to shine in front of their friends, family, and other audiences when they’re ready to move beyond individual activities. 

Group play 

Join a choir 
Form a dance troupe/creative dance movement 
Participate in performing arts (acting out skits) 
Participate in comedic improv 
Participate in a musical performance - both vocal and instrumental 
Write lyrics together, then shoot a music video 

Musical games 

Play musical chairs 
Host a karaoke contest (test out their vocals) 
Sing, dance, and clap (coordination game) 

The activities mentioned create fun teamwork, and immersive play centered on creative exploration. As always, encourage reading for the historical perspective in answering the “why,” and you can draw upon a variety of resources. Cultural traditions can inspire creativity, too, and can be used for hands-on creative problem-solving. Creative expression will be more authentic when it happens naturally. When they’re done with the activity, ask about their experience: the knowledge they gained and the new skill that they’d enjoy honing. Watch your children blossom!


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DIY DAY: Make A Fun Face Mask (Art Project For Kids' COVID Mask) 

Covid-19 continues to parade through our communities. The pandemic has also left children unsettled and uncomfortable in public spaces. 

Many schools have reopened to tackle Covid-19 with strict measures, while others continue to operate mainly through the online platform. 

One thing that remains sure is that life must go on amidst a pandemic, and that means the wearing of a mask should become the norm once you wish to venture outdoors. 

So why not encourage your little girl to enjoy her DIY Day by making a funny COVID-10 face mask.  

Here are the steps. 

Items Needed: white handkerchief, two elastic hair bands, colored markers, paint 

Step 1: Lay a handkerchief or a piece of fabric (the same size) flat. 

Step 2: Fold the top and bottom ends of the handkerchief of fabric that they meet inwards at the middle. Then fold again to allow the ends to meet at the center to connect again. 

Step 3: Roll hair bands unto each end of the handkerchief or fabric. 

Step 4: Fold under the end of the fabric that remains at the end of the hair bands inward, creating loops at each end. 

Step 5: Use the colored markers or paint to draw patterns, emojis, hearts, flowers, smiley faces, or shapes. 


Final Thoughts 

Just like that! You have your very own DIY FUN FACE MASK. The designs can be altered by choosing a different cloth with your little girl’s favorite cartoon character or animal. A more complex face mask can be decorated using a white handkerchief and stitching colored buttons it. 

Whichever design you choose, what’s important is that your little girl is protected. This DIY fun face mask is quick and easy with proven protection from Covid-19.

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Positive self-love affirmations for growing girls 

Learning to love yourself can be a very tough thing to do — many people are their own biggest critics for no reason at all. Loving yourself can be incredibly hard when you are growing up, too: You’re learning all of these new things about the world and yourself. Some people grow faster than others, so it is hard not to compare yourself to those around you.  

Self-affirmations are the easiest ways to learn to love yourself, and they can also be incredibly beneficial for your daughter. Self-affirmations can be used to help you teach your daughter self-love and can boost her confidence through the roof.  

To be more effective, you should start with the areas that your daughter may be the most self-conscious about, whether that be her looks, her feelings, her relationships, etc. If that works, then she may be able to see that her other insecurities are caused by her being too harsh on herself and she may be able to come up with and use her self-love affirmations to overcome them.  


Here are a few examples of self-love affirmations: 

  • I am valued 
  • I love the body that I was born in 
  • I forgive myself and learn from my mistakes 
  • I have a lot to offer to the world 
  • My life is filled with love and joy 
  • I deserve happiness 
  • I have the power to change my world 
  • I choose to stop apologizing for being me 
  • The only approval I need is my own 
  • I do not need anybody else to feel worthy 
  • My life is full of endless opportunities for success and happiness 
  • I reward myself for my hard work and dedication 
  • My body is my best friend 
  • I am proud of myself 
  • I am love 

These positive self-love affirmations said daily or in times of struggle can help make a huge difference in your daughter’s life.

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