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DIY DAY: Make A Fun Face Mask (Art Project For Kids' COVID Mask) 

Covid-19 continues to parade through our communities. The pandemic has also left children unsettled and uncomfortable in public spaces. 

Many schools have reopened to tackle Covid-19 with strict measures, while others continue to operate mainly through the online platform. 

One thing that remains sure is that life must go on amidst a pandemic, and that means the wearing of a mask should become the norm once you wish to venture outdoors. 

So why not encourage your little girl to enjoy her DIY Day by making a funny COVID-10 face mask.  

Here are the steps. 

Items Needed: white handkerchief, two elastic hair bands, colored markers, paint 

Step 1: Lay a handkerchief or a piece of fabric (the same size) flat. 

Step 2: Fold the top and bottom ends of the handkerchief of fabric that they meet inwards at the middle. Then fold again to allow the ends to meet at the center to connect again. 

Step 3: Roll hair bands unto each end of the handkerchief or fabric. 

Step 4: Fold under the end of the fabric that remains at the end of the hair bands inward, creating loops at each end. 

Step 5: Use the colored markers or paint to draw patterns, emojis, hearts, flowers, smiley faces, or shapes. 


Final Thoughts 

Just like that! You have your very own DIY FUN FACE MASK. The designs can be altered by choosing a different cloth with your little girl’s favorite cartoon character or animal. A more complex face mask can be decorated using a white handkerchief and stitching colored buttons it. 

Whichever design you choose, what’s important is that your little girl is protected. This DIY fun face mask is quick and easy with proven protection from Covid-19.

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Positive self-love affirmations for growing girls 

Learning to love yourself can be a very tough thing to do — many people are their own biggest critics for no reason at all. Loving yourself can be incredibly hard when you are growing up, too: You’re learning all of these new things about the world and yourself. Some people grow faster than others, so it is hard not to compare yourself to those around you.  

Self-affirmations are the easiest ways to learn to love yourself, and they can also be incredibly beneficial for your daughter. Self-affirmations can be used to help you teach your daughter self-love and can boost her confidence through the roof.  

To be more effective, you should start with the areas that your daughter may be the most self-conscious about, whether that be her looks, her feelings, her relationships, etc. If that works, then she may be able to see that her other insecurities are caused by her being too harsh on herself and she may be able to come up with and use her self-love affirmations to overcome them.  


Here are a few examples of self-love affirmations: 

  • I am valued 
  • I love the body that I was born in 
  • I forgive myself and learn from my mistakes 
  • I have a lot to offer to the world 
  • My life is filled with love and joy 
  • I deserve happiness 
  • I have the power to change my world 
  • I choose to stop apologizing for being me 
  • The only approval I need is my own 
  • I do not need anybody else to feel worthy 
  • My life is full of endless opportunities for success and happiness 
  • I reward myself for my hard work and dedication 
  • My body is my best friend 
  • I am proud of myself 
  • I am love 

These positive self-love affirmations said daily or in times of struggle can help make a huge difference in your daughter’s life.

Glow up your daughter's party: 5 tips to pick the perfect party venue  

Glow up your daughter's party: 5 tips to pick the perfect party venue 

Party planning can be amazing. So many great event spaces exist that inspire fresh ideas. No matter how big or small you plan for the party, you still have to plan. Remember, tackle the big tasks first before focusing on the minute details. Create a checklist as your "go-to" guide as you plan, and unless it's a surprise, be sure to get your children involved. Ready to take action and move forward with your princess' event? You'll be "the best mom ever" with these party venue picks.  

Party location 

Setting the location of the party is a primary way of keeping the excitement going. Finding the perfect location doesn't require extensive research, however, make sure that where you have the party is suitable for the occasion. Make sure that the location is in an area that is accessible to your guests and where fun activities can be arranged. If you’re looking to host a pamper party, then you might want to look at hosting at a location equipped for those activities, for example.  

Size and space 

Equipment and food are the two determining factors in deciding the size of the venue aside from the number of people attending. Do you need a large group to attend? Will people come and go throughout the day, or will everyone attend the party at the same time? Pricing will also be a determinant of how large of a venue you want. 

Catering and other confirmations 

Several party venue locations require what's called a "food and beverage minimum" where you are required to spend a specified amount toward food and beverage in addition to the use of the venue. Selecting a venue that includes this policy may be beneficial if you're looking to save time on determining those critical matters such as catering. 

Pre-packaged or custom curated decorations 

Show your personality and illustrate your love with festive decorations. If you're thinking about inserting upscale decorations - the items of your choice - check the venue's decorating policies before determining whether the location is right for you. Decorations could include accessorizing the furniture, silverware, or adding candles, for example. Minimizing decorations could be a simple and good option, too. Also, consider venues that will decorate on your behalf. 

Other considerations 

Other considerations include parking, accessibility, and previous venue rating reviews. Think about what else is important and necessary for the party and anything that could negatively impact the experience. If anything does come to mind, figure out ways in advance to minimize, and ideally, eliminate the risks. 

Ultimately, planning will allow you to spend more time doing things that matter: having true party fun! Structure your party with our considerations in mind to have your guests talking about your daughter's special day for months to come.

4 Top Tips For Busy Mompreneurs To Balance Work and Motherhood  

4 Top Tips For Busy Mompreneurs To Balance Work and Motherhood 

There is no denying it being a mom and a mompreneur is hard work. The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to make your life easier. 

Time Management 

Having a clear time management system in place is crucial for succeeding as a busy mompreneur. Make time every week or month to plan out your time. Time blocking is an incredibly effective form of time management. Write down the tasks you need to get down that day or week and then set specific time frames to get those jobs done. For example from 9am to 10am you will check and respond to all emails. From 10am to 11am you will work on that new project. 

Learn To Delegate 

As women we have this awful habit of taking on too much and trying to do it all ourselves. We often feel that it won’t get done properly if we don’t do it ourselves. This means we waste a lot of time doing things which we could easily delegate to other members of our family or work team to do instead. Don’t be afraid to delegate. Set specific chores for your children and even your partner so everyone knows what is expected of them. Even if they can take one daily chore of your hands each day it all adds up. 

The same applies for work, start to delegate small tasks to a member of your team and let them get on with it without interference from you. If you don’t have any team members, consider hiring someone. 

Let Go Of Perfectionism 

A lot of Moms and mompreneurs have this vision in their head of how they should be. They feel an immense pressure to be perfect all the time but the truth is no one is perfect. If you’re constantly striving for perfection in everything you do you will burn yourself out. Sometimes you just need to get the job done regardless of whether it’s perfect or not. Learn to let go of this idea of perfection. 

Make Time For You 

There is an old saying that you can’t give form an empty cup. That saying really resonates with me as us Moms tend to give and give and give until we have nothing left. We feel we’re being selfish if we take time to ourselves. The truth however is that if you are feeling run down and tired you cannot give to others, you can’t give what’s not there. When you feel strong, fit and healthy within yourself you have so much more energy to give. Make time everyday to do one thing you love. It can be something as simple as taking a moment to sit in the sunshine or enjoying a nice hot drink in peace. 

Gift yourself this Mother’s day and set some new traditions that not only allow you to spend some quality time with your family but also give you a chance to recharge?

Budding Women Deserve to Sparkle Too! - Why is teaching little girls self-care so important? 

Budding Women Deserve to Sparkle Too! - Why is teaching little girls self-care so important?

Budding Women Deserve to Sparkle Too! - Why is teaching little girls self-care so important? 

You have likely heard the term "self-care" at least once in your life. In the 21st century, self-care among women has become popular and highly recommended. The truth is, the practice of self-care is also essential to little girls. Self-care encourages self-love.  

Caring for self means knowing when to take a break, recharging, and doing something you enjoy. Mental, emotional, and physical care is key to leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Do little girls need self-care? 

Though a little girl may not face the same challenges leading to stress as an adult, teaching them to care for themselves is still critical.  Devoting time to self at a tender age will motivate mental and physical health. A little girl who learns to value self-care will make her mental health a priority.  

Understanding how to care for yourself as a child will create independence and understanding of self. Self-care is a deliberate practice that should be taught and encouraged instead of expecting it to be inherited.  

Practical self-care practices to teach your little girl self love

A mother can encourage their little girl to take care of herself by teaching her basic skills, showing her how to pamper herself, lending a listening ear to enable emotional expression, enforcing an active lifestyle, showing her how to incorporate alone time, embracing family time, and prioritizing time spent outdoors.  

A little girl who is taught how to incorporate self-care will be equipped to pinpoint her emotional and physical needs and learn how to address them.  

Taking pride in self-appearance is important for a little girl. Ultimately, it boosts self-esteem and self-love that will motivate confidence and belief in achieving all her goals now and in the future. 

A self-care routine for a little girl will blossom into a foundation that will help her when she becomes an adult. When your little princess grows up, she will be better able to deal with what life throws at her. 


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