3 Tips to Encourage your Child's Creativity

Encourage Creativity: Write, Draw, Karaoke or Rap 

Everyone has a depth of creativity that can be tapped. Encouraging a creative process for your daughter is a way to bring it out. Especially when they’re young, parents can help them express their creativity and personal interests differently. Our list of activities doesn’t take considerable time to coordinate and can happen individually, or create an audience and have a party to foster powerful group experiences. You just might have a budding actor, musician, artist, or writer among you. When they’re looking to play, creative expression is the way to open your child’s imagination! 

Creative expression 

  • Arts and crafts 
  • Sketch (draw a family portrait, for example) 
  • Sculpt 
  • Draw 
  • Paint 
  • Color 
  • Cook/Bake 
  • Decorate 
  • Sew 
  • Write/compose 
  • Play an instrument 
  • Sing 
  • Tell jokes 
  • Dance 
  • Act 

Allow your daughter to develop their creative habits. Then, allow them to shine in front of their friends, family, and other audiences when they’re ready to move beyond individual activities. 

Group play 

Join a choir 
Form a dance troupe/creative dance movement 
Participate in performing arts (acting out skits) 
Participate in comedic improv 
Participate in a musical performance - both vocal and instrumental 
Write lyrics together, then shoot a music video 

Musical games 

Play musical chairs 
Host a karaoke contest (test out their vocals) 
Sing, dance, and clap (coordination game) 

The activities mentioned create fun teamwork, and immersive play centered on creative exploration. As always, encourage reading for the historical perspective in answering the “why,” and you can draw upon a variety of resources. Cultural traditions can inspire creativity, too, and can be used for hands-on creative problem-solving. Creative expression will be more authentic when it happens naturally. When they’re done with the activity, ask about their experience: the knowledge they gained and the new skill that they’d enjoy honing. Watch your children blossom!


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