Spring Haiku: Have your kids write a small poem about their love for spring

Writing a poem is an excellent way to express yourself. Have you heard that you could write one in just three lines? 

Yes, this is a Japanese method of penning poems, and it is known as haiku or haikus. In these three-lined poems, you can write about different topics. 

Let's explore the ways to write a haiku poem.


What to Write 

What to write is up to you. But, if you are writing a traditional haiku, it has to be about nature. You can focus on your favorite season or animal. Looking out of your window can also draw inspiration such as a nearby garden, there could be snowfall or rainfall. You can select a topic that you like and get started. 

How to Write a Haiku 

When you are writing a haiku, you have to look into two things: One is the subject matter or the topic. Secondly, you have to consider the number of syllables in each line. A syllable is a part of the word or, in simple terms, the different sounds in a word. 

One of the ways to find out the number of syllables is to count them in your hand while you are saying things out loud. For example, the word dog has only one syllable in it. When it comes to water (wa-ter), it is two, and for banana (ba-na-na), it has three syllables. 

In total, there have to be seventeen syllables in a haiku poem. 

In the first line, it is five syllables. For the second one, it has to be seven. 

When it comes to the last one, it has to be five syllables. After creating an awareness of the syllables, it is time for you to take your paper and pencil to start writing. After you select a topic, it is time to be creative. Here are a few tips that can help you while writing a haiku. 

  1. Always write a haiku poem in the present tense. It is because you aim to capture what happens at a particular moment. 
  2. Since haiku poems have to be simple, you don't have to use any rhyming words.
  3. When you are finishing your haiku poem, try to bring in an element of surprise. 

Besides that, when you are writing a haiku poem, there have to be two parts.

Here is an example of a haiku poem written by a Japanese poet, Matsuo Basko. 

An old pond! 

A frog jumps in- 

The sound of water. 

This short poem has two parts. The first part is it begins with a visual image, which is an old pond. Depending on the topic you select, you can start with a visual effect. For instance, you have decided to write about an apple tree in your garden. You can describe it in the first line. 

The second line of a haiku poem shows a shift or a moment. Here, the poet talks about a frog that is jumping into something. In your first haiku poem, which could deal with an apple tree, you can write about an apple falling from the tree or something similar. 

Finally, in the last line, you have to bring in an element of surprise. In this poem, you can understand that the frog is jumping into the water. In your poem, you can bring in a similar image related to the apple that is falling. 

By following these steps, you can craft a haiku poem with ease. So, write about your favorite topic and share it with your loved ones today.




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